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According to Webster’s, a Nom De Plume is a name used by a writer instead of the writer’s real name. Literally translated from the French, it means Pen Name. Famous authors who wrote under assumed names include Mark Twain, Ann Landers, Dr. Seuss, and possibly even William Shakespeare. In this case, the author chose John De Plume to make it obvious that he is writing under an assumed name. If this ever gets popular enough, the real name may come out. But for now, the author prefers to continue his habit of Hiding in Plain Sight.


Like any real story, the individual stories and events often became intertwined. So, the easiest way to write the story down is in a series of short stories. The author suffers from ADHD, so simplifying the stories in this way was probably a lot better for his sanity anyway. And, apparently millennials don’t like long stories.

Therefore, the format of these little gems is short stories. Relatively easy to get through, and satisfying. If you decide you hate the story, you can finish the story you’re reading and move on to 50 Shades or Harry Potter, or something else that you like better. I’m not judging, I’m just saying.


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