The Grim Cost of our old life….

Recently, I started looking up some guys I knew from the old days. Some of them I called, others I just searched for online. So far, there are 4 dead that I know of….None from natural causes.

The first guy to die was Mike P., who was a very good friend of mine. He killed himself on a beach. There was a lot of pressure on him from our getting arrested, and the Feds were giving him a hard time. Also, he had girl problems. He was in love with his girlfriend, but had a strange feeling that she was cheating on him. So he broke up with her. Less than two months later, she was engaged to his best friend. When I heard he was dead, I was hoping it was all a lie and he had gone into Witness Protection. Sadly, that wasn’t true. RIP Mike.

The next guy to go was Mike Burak. Mike had done so many drugs, and for so long, that he was basically fried. The kid who had done just one acid trip too many. I heard he overdosed on heroine, and his mom found him in bed back in 2004. Even though Mike and I never saw eye to eye, he wasn’t a bad kid. His family certainly deserved better, it was a pretty shitty way to go. RIP Mike.

The next guy to go was Rafi Teken. Rafi was a good kid, one of the kids we knew from Newton bought pot from us and sold to his own network of friends. About 15 years after I got arrested, I received a strange call from Damian, the DEA agent that arrested me. Damian asked me when I spoke with Rafi last, and I told him I hadn’t spoken to Rafi or most of the other guys we sold to since my arrest in 1997. After he asked me a bunch of questions, which I couldn’t help him with, Damian told me that Rafi had been murdered. He and his room mates had been found in their apartment, duct taped to their chairs with their throats cut. There was money and pot thrown all over the room. It was September 11th, 2011. Because of the way they were killed, on 9-11, the Feds were very interested in the case.

A couple of years later, it turns out that they were right to pay attention. Rafi had been killed by the Boston Marathon Bombers Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev. Apparently, Tamerlan was pissed that Rafi and his room mate Brendan were selling pot to Dzokhar, which was an insult to their religion. So they killed him. I can only imagine what he went through. Rafi was a great kid, and didn’t deserve what happened to him. RIP Rafi.

The 4th guy to go was Lawrence “Larry” Muirhead. We knew Larry under an assumed name, “Lee.” Lee was based somewhere in the mid west, and would drive pot into Boston and sell it to us. Sometimes we would buy from him in Las Vegas or LA. Lee was a hot head steroid monster, who had challenged me to fight him a few times. Lee was found in a freezer in Kansas City, Kansas in 2014. He was last heard from in September 2013, on his way to an “import/ export” warehouse in Nogales, AZ right on the Mexican border. I’m guessing “Lee” didn’t retire until he was forced to retire….

This video kind of says it all:

I’m sure I will find out about more casualties as time goes on. Frankly, I’m lucky I got busted. I might have ended up in a freezer in some rental house in the middle of nowhere. That is NOT how I want this story to end!

-John DePlume

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